#Horoscope by Date of Birth

Jai Ganesh!
Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah
Aum shrim hrim klim glaum gam
Ganapataye vara varada sarva
Janamme vashamanaya svaha
Bhrigu Maharaj
Jai Maharishi Bhrigu!

Welcome! We are proud to have completed 5 years of providing accurate horoscopes.

In each horoscope, we provide a 20 page report:

  • Future 5 year prediction with details for each year.
  • Accurate predictions on Health, Family, Love, Wealth, Disease, Children, Travel....
  • Numerology that will tell your lucky number, important years, favorable colours, and lucky stone.
  • Place of the planets that will tell you the direction of your life.
  • Detailed charts including the Karaka, Avastha Tara Chakra, Moon Chart....
  • Provide the friendship table
  • Kal Sarpa Yog
  • Remedies you can use to negative evil influences.
  • SadeSati
  • Lalkitab Remedies
  • Bhava Dasa Phal
  • Karaka & Tara Chakra
  • Shodash Varga
  • Matri Chakra
  • Varsh Phal
  • Ashtak Varga
  • Vimsottari Dasa

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The accuracy of these predictions is frightening especially for those that don't believe....

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We charge this small fee to cover the cost of this website and the time to prepare the horoscope report.

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Know the future!

Our customers are from all walks of life such as students, working professionals, mothers, fathers, and businessmen who are looking for guidance on important matters such as love, wealth, family, marriage, and health. An accurate horoscope can help you change the present and future course of your life.

You can make appropriate plans ahead of time knowing which will succeed and which are likely to fail.

You can predict ill-health, disease, wealth gains, and therefore make changes accordingly.

Divine sages like Maharishi Bhrigu understood the benefits, and hence wrote the horoscope giving accurate details on each life.

Customer Testimonials:

Very pleased with the horoscope report. I wasn't expecting much but I am pleasantly surprised at the details! - Aditi Chandra

It has been a year since I received by horoscope report. I am shocked that many things that were written in the report have come true. The info about health and marriage happened even though no one in my family was expecting it. There was prediction about ill-health in December and that occurred unexpectedly. Everyone must try this report. - Virender Battacharjee

I am amazed at the future predictions given. I don't think anyone else does this. The PDF report was thorough and gave all the charts and the forecast. Good job - Preeti Verma

The cost is low compared to what I received in email. The horoscope was very personal and it is a welcome relief since generally you get vague stuff from other places. I am very happy with the horoscope and would highly recommend it to everyone. - Pooja Goyal

My first reaction looking at the horoscope file was WOW! The horoscope was over 15 pages and it contained very personal details. Very informative and useful. Overall, I would say that the work done is excellent and not very expensive either. - Vikram Yadav